Note: This testimonial carousel uses negative margin to pull the two outer testimonials partially outside the viewport. You can adjust how much of the outer testimonials show using the included CSS variables.

At the top of the CSS in the Custom CSS toggle of the parent row, you will see the following:

:root {
–bb-partial-testimonial-carousel-1-desk: -20vw;
–bb-partial-testimonial-carousel-1-tab: -25vw;
–bb-partial-testimonial-carousel-1-mob: -75vw;

Increase or decrease the negative view width value for desktop, tablet, and mobile to show more or less of the outer testimonials. You can also adjust how many testimonials show on each device size using the layout settings in the testimonial block, and the overhang will adjust accordingly.

All testimonials will adjust to the height of the tallest testimonial and the image and meta data will align to the bottom.
The navigation arrows will adopt the colours of your button settings from the customiser.
To change the horizontal position of the navigation arrows, increase or decrease the left and right padding values in the wrapper padding settings of the testimonial block.
If you switch on the dot navigation the dots will adopt your primary button colour.