Note: This glassmorphism section is designed to be used inside a Kadence Conversion.

Copy the child section (the one with the HTML anchor ‘CopyThis’) into a new Kadence Conversion. The parent section is only there so you can see the white content on a white page.

Inside your conversion item settings, adjust the following:

1) Set container padding to zero on all sides
2) Set background colour to transparent
3) Remove box shadow
4) Set maximum width to around 500px in the size settings
5) Set the close button position to ‘inside box’ and change the colour.

You can adjust the rest of the conversion settings as you wish. All the other styling you apply to the section and the elements within.
CSS is contained in the Custom CSS accordion in the advanced tab of the section.
You can also remove the ‘CopyThis’ HTML anchor from the section, this is only used to illustrate which section you should copy into a Kadence Conversion.

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